To Be Aware

To be aware of what you are experiencing physically, mentally, and emotionally is more important

than what you call what you believe

than whether or not you embrace a particular religion

than your gender

than your marital status

than your job title

than your income bracket

To be aware that what you are experiencing is your spiritual journey and honoring that is more important

than understanding all the details

than what anyone else thinks or believes about you

than fitting into what you have been told was the way

To be aware that change is constant and that this current experience will pass is more important

than asking “why me?”

than judging yourself a success or a failure

than regretting your choices or blaming another for your pain

To be aware that there is, within you, a still quiet place in which to abide is more important

than any other gift this life can bring you

than anything you can find outside yourself

than anything

May you be bathed today in the awareness of the truth of who you are. May you abide in the peace that comes from the very essence of your being. May you be aware of the oneness of all that is.


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