Nine months ago I relocated to Burbank, California. I have moved a lot in my life. I grew up as an Air Force child and then became an Air Force wife. An eventual divorce created two more moves and then I actually lived in one place for 18 years – a first for me! Those years were spent in Las Vegas where my parents settled after military retirement. My entire family was born in Nevada though most live in the northern part of the state. It still seems strange to me that I was in Las Vegas that long. It took a while but I was privileged to be a part of several communities of wonderful, loving people: my yoga students, the different instructors and personal trainers I met through the athletic club where I taught, the school community where I later worked as the office assistant, and the personal friends that came into my life through the years.

Moving disrupted all of that, of course. I knew I would be missed and that I would also miss so many people. I also knew that staying in touch is an iffy thing; after all, I have relocated more times than I care to count. Everyone has good intentions but it is inevitable that not all of those intentions will be met. It is the way of things. We all must live where we are. I also know that this has nothing to do with the love we all feel for one another. Time and space cannot diminish what is true and real. It just unfolds differently, feels different.

This week I will be hosting a woman I met over twenty years ago. We met over the phone when we both were working, in some capacity, for an evangelist named Rick Stanley (one of Elvis Presley’s step-brothers). Meeting Liz was an amazing gift that came out of that experience and we stayed in touch even after the work connection dissolved. We never met in person until a few years later when I set out on a road trip and visited her in Kentucky. Now she will visit me here. Our love and our relationship have remained even though we often have gone several years without even a phone call. We are simply and truly connected at the soul level.

Another friend has re-entered my life because of this move. We went to high school together in the Washington D.C. area in the 1960’s! A reunion neither of us attended put us back in touch and we met for lunch when she came to California to visit friends. We discovered that we have much more in common now than we did in high school and that we share that soul connection as well. Sisters of the heart, yes? Oh, yes.

We are designed for connectedness, even those of us who desire and love our solitude. Community brings us love, joy, a place to play, laugh, and dance with others of like mind. Each time I have moved, I have had to remain open to new connections and I have had to trust the unfolding of new communities. It takes time and, for me, the courage to step out and walk into situations where I do not know a single person. What I know now is that, in spite of not knowing these people, there is an excellent chance that I will encounter a Soul I have known before. When that begins to occur, the unfolding of new community relationships are beginning as well.

I am so grateful for two groups of people who  have opened their hearts to me. I have met them through meditation groups I now attend and getting to know them is a deep, rich, fulfilling experience. A woman I sat next to on a bus trip is becoming a friend and we are so different and yet so the same. We were born the same year just two weeks apart! We live five minutes from each other. We are both Aquarians which can make some experiences ridiculously funny and we revel in being understood without having to explain all the time. What do I mean by that? If you are not born Aquarius or you have never known one well, I will just say this: we simply do not think the way you do nor do we move through life the way you think we should!

So, here I am again, seeking community with those of like mind and heart. I love the diversity this brings me because it simply doesn’t mean that everyone believes what I do. It means they come into my life with an open mind and heart. They love easily and truly. They desire the highest good of all. They will be in varying stages of enlightenment and different levels of awareness. Like me, they are changing every day, unfolding in their time and in their way. Each of us are on a sacred journey, a path of love and light. May we honor one another and may all things be for our highest good and the highest good of all.



4 thoughts on “Community

  1. 9 months already… Hanna must be an absolute joy! I can certainly relate to this post. I will be in Vegas from November to January 13th and then I pack my tent again and come back to Sparks until April 10th. I am house sitting. Who knows maybe this will be my new agenda in life. It allows me to practice my piano, I am getting ready for some big performances in 2016 and do my wonderful Young Living Essential Oils. I haven’t made any real relationship connections in the Carson Valley but I think that’s because my good friend lives here and we’ve been very busy! I’m hoping when I get to Sparks that all of that will come to fruition.


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