All My Relations

“All my relations” is a phrase I learned from Native American teachers. As I move through life, this becomes more real and more expansive for me; this truth journeys from the intellect to the heart.

I spoke this week with a dear friend whose business web site was hacked. As she described the aftermath, I thought about the times my credit card was compromised. Both of us felt violated, as though someone had broken into our homes. And, in fact, our feelings were valid. What intensified the experience for me was allowing myself to feel the existence of the person who used my account. As I did this, my emotions became more clear and present. Instead of thinking “Why me?” I found myself thinking “How could you do this to your sister?” We are related, of the same family, don’t you know that?

Feeling vulnerable is frightening and, when I feel fear, anger arises. This can be a good thing  if I am in real danger because anger can give me the strength and the courage to fight or flee in order to save myself or another. In the case of fraud, the anger is more likely to manifest in desires for retaliation. My hurt feelings and my mind want to cry out, “I hope your karma is swift and sure and I hope I get to watch!” My Soul, on the other hand, calls out with “Blessings of love and light, my brother or sister. May you realize we are all related in spirit.” Believe me, the journey from the hurt to the blessing can be a challenge to my spiritual practice but I have made the trip often enough to know its reward.

Today, may you begin to realize the depth of your relationship to all beings. May you stop to assist the preying mantis as it crosses a busy residential street. May your lovingly forgive the cat who catches that same mantis the next morning as you walk that same street. May you forgive those who do not see or understand that we are all related, whether they are two-legged or four-legged. May you remember that it doesn’t matter what anyone believes or does but it does matter what you believe and do. It must begin with you/me/us.

May we all breathe and live as a blessing to all of our relations.


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