Happiness is What?

Happiness, what is it? Is it a worthy goal? So many questions. Where does one even begin?

The Dalai Lama has said that we are created for happiness. So, perhaps the place to begin is with the meaning of happiness itself. Perhaps if we learn to ask the right questions, our journey will be clearer, easier to understand.

Here are the ones that come to mind for me this morning:

What is happiness really?

Is my definition of happiness based on what is outside of me or what is inside of me?

Is my definition based on ideas and truths I have mindfully explored or on opinions and values embraced without question.

If I am created for happiness, what or who is the Source of that happiness?

Dear hearts, sit quietly, explore with discernment rather than judgement what you think and believe within. Discover what you do or do not know. Begin this journey with love and compassion for yourself and others, always remembering that you are a spiritual being learning to be divinely human.



3 thoughts on “Happiness is What?

  1. As usual, it is not surprising you have brought up a topic I have been thinking about for the past few days. I could write a lot about what I think about happiness now, but it doesn’t feel right. There seems to be much more I need to know. I will definitely pursue this issue.


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