Unfold Into Joy

“Unfold Into Joy” is the title of my web site. My daughter designed the site and I would like you to take a few moments to visit http://www.catherinecobeaga.com and see what I have to offer in the way of supporting your journey. The site has a link to this blog as well as a contact page. A lot of what I do can be done by phone and email.

As we ride the zipline of life, it can be a challenge to abide in joy. The spiritual journey is an unfolding and the most powerful tool is to be in this present moment as we remember that this moment gives birth to the next. Being in the moment allows life to unfold, bringing the gifts of love, joy, bliss. We live in such a goal-oriented world that be-ing is a stark contrast to do-ing. It requires us to sit down, to learn the silence, to expand into the universe within and meet True Self.

A year ago I made the decision to move to California to be closer to my children and grandchild. Everything changed in my exterior world but my life journey remains the same. Having rested from the transition and restored my body, mind, and emotions, I am stepping out to share my gifts once again. One of my intentions is to be more consistent with this blog and I trust that will be a blessing.

May your day, this day, unfold in grace, gratitude, and joy. May your mind and heart be open to its gifts and may you find your peace, your joy within. Namaste.



4 thoughts on “Unfold Into Joy

  1. Catherine,
    How ironic I opened your latest email and blog right after finishing a yoga practice from your yoga tape! How lost I would be without that tape……………………………………
    Your new adventures sound wonderful – we are happy for you and know you will be a blessing to those whom you come in contact.

    Their gain is our loss. We miss you so and still have not found any yoga classes to fulfill our needs. We will continue to look…………………………

    Do keep in touch and let us know if and when you will be in Vegas again!!!!



  2. Catherine,
    Congratulations on your new site, Your daughter did a wonderful job 🙂 I’m sure you will get many responses–little do they know of the blessings that will flow over and through them. And of course the heart that gives always receives something as well.
    I look to start each day with you blog and was happy to hear that your blogging may become more frequent. Seems that your words are almost always just what I need to hear that day !! You are a true blessing in my life and have been for some 25 years. ( lucky me) I love you and would love to hear your voice one of these days –email is fine but your voice is what I wish for 🙂


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