Earth Astrology

I discovered Earth Astrology through the book THE MEDICINE WHEEL by Sun Bear and Wabun. It is a beautiful compliment to the astrology based on the stars we are born under. In Earth Astrology, we are grouped according to the moon we are born under. Both approaches align by dates of birth and expand rather than compete with one another. In the course of this lifetime, it has been evident in my own life and in the observation of others that our basic personality traits and the way we generally move through life are determined by when we are born. What I appreciate about Sun Bear’s approach is the wisdom and guidance of using our experience with those born under different signs to balance and enhance our own. Sun Bear teaches that we are born into the wheel or circle of this particular lifetime under a specific moon. As we walk this life, we pass through or encounter others born under the other signs of the medicine wheel. These encounters have much to teach us about ourselves and often reveal our imbalances and areas of immaturity. If we will pay attention, be open to seeing ourselves clearly and without judgement, we can heal, mature, and expand ever more deeply into our own path of enlightenment.

As I read this book the first time, I realized that there were four very significant people in my life at the time who were born under the Long Snows Moon, which is more familiar to most of us as Sagittarius. It occurred to me as I read that this was definitely significant and I began to study the characteristics of this moon sign as well as pay closer attention to how these people moved through life. One of the most helpful insights was that each of them had the ability to clearly and concisely speak their truth. They were not particularly invested in whether or not others agreed with them and somewhat surprised if others were in the least offended by their words. They were simply expressing a personal opinion after all, weren’t they? No need to take it personally.

This was a trait I desired to develop in myself. Growing up and in early adulthood, my truth was often labeled foolish and impractical, weird, and naive. Over time I learned to hold my truth within, to wait until I found someone I felt safe enough with to speak. I also embraced “safer” belief systems rather than face being labeled and put down for being me. The path of enlightenment began the healing process. Being mindful of learning from others in healthy, liberating ways was a powerful way to return to mySelf and regain confidence in my personal truth.

I don’t always take the time to identify a person’s particular sign yet I remain aware when someone moves through life more effectively than I do in some area. I “go to school on them” by watching, listening, and interacting with them. My intention is always to honor their gifts and expand into my own. I am blessed even by those who show me how not to be. Teachers come in many forms and I send gratitude to each of them and to their teachers, to all of our teachers back through the generations. Thank you.



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