Who Is Responsible…

I sit in silence, knowing there is a need within. I wait for the voice of my Soul to comfort, guide, bring insight. A question gently arises from within.

Who is responsible for your happiness?

I smile and am grateful of the reminder that happiness arises from within. I no longer need to look outside myself for my fundamental joy and contentment. The question reminds me that life is a practice which means what works for me needs to be done consistently in order for my highest good to unfold. Please note I said “consistently” rather than “perfectly.”

Another question arises.

Who creates your peace?

Again my face smiles. No one creates my peace. My peace simply is; it is my Soul’s Essence, the core of Who I Am. My practice leads me to consistently abide in the peace of my Soul, to live the Truth of Who I Am and to know, believe and trust that this is for my highest good and the highest good of all.

I almost end this blog when yet another question arises.

What about love?

This time my breath deepens to fill my chest and abdomen; my eyes close to draw my awareness within; my heart opens and I am bathed in the flow of Divine Love that is the Source of my Being and of All That Is. I am Love and Light in form. I divinely and eternally loved without demand or expectation. I Am All That I Am because the Love of All That Is has manifested me in order for me to manifest It through this body, mind, and personality.

For my highest good and the highest good of all. Namaste, dear hearts.


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