Spiritual Power

Spiritual Power is not about control. It is about letting go, surrendering control, and unfolding into more and more expansive consciousness. The most powerful spiritual beings I have encountered are gentle Souls who move through the world with love and compassion toward themselves and others. There is a quiet strength that allows others to feel safe in their presence. This in itself is a most powerful gift. When I feel safe, I am open to learn, heal, expand.

Spiritual power manifests in many ways both subtle and obvious. I watched my beloved teacher, Joseph, grow taller as a woman verbally confronted him and tried to engage him in an argument. He listened with intense stillness. When he spoke, he spoke quietly but firmly and it was obvious he was coming from a place of authority in the situation and from an an inner space of clarity and power. The expression on her face changed as she actually began to hear him and her need to create drama dissipated. She accepted his response and seemed surprised by her own reaction. She walked away and respected the boundaries he had set. I was awed because I could feel the energy exchange and it was not in the least subtle. My Joseph was a warrior protecting the presence of his students in that place and he never raised his voice or changed his loving expression. He just knew his Truth and spoke it. Powerful.

That was my first lesson in the source of true spiritual power. It emanates from within, from the Soul of the Being. The power of love, compassion, truth, and light.

Aum shanti.


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