This Day Dawns

This day dawns in beauty and grace. Each moment is a new beginning, a moment never before lived and experienced. Each breath renews the body-mind-spirit and brings me more fully present, more able to relax and release the past moment as I receive and embrace this present moment. The sweetness of it all, as I softly close my eyes and draw this breath down to my belly, transports me to that sweet space within where all is well; all is as it is meant to be. And I smile as my awareness immerses itSelf into my Soul. For in this moment I know that I know All That I Am; I know the Oneness and the Wholeness of the Divine One – Love ItSelf.

Will you join me in this sweet space, just for a moment? Will you meet me in the ethers? Time and distance cannot separate what is forever One. I’ll be waiting for your presence as I rest in the peace of All That Is.

Aum shanti shanti shanti


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