My Heart is Heavy

Yesterday brought sorrow to my heart and mind. I wept as I watched the reports from France. During 9/11 I realized the importance of only taking in enough of the images and sounds to know what had happened so that I could be a loving and compassionate presence in the midst of such terror and fear. For any of us to bombard ourselves with the videos and witness descriptions is self-destructive. In yoga we are called to ahimsa, to do no violence. This applies to ourselves as well as others. The terrorists brought injury and death to a specific number of people. That violence extends outward to families, witnesses, and to all who let themselves feel the sorrow and fear. We hurt for each other. BUT, if I subject myself over and over again to all of that, I am now doing violence to myself. My brain doesn’t know anything about past, present, and future. It only knows right now. Every time I watch or listen to this, my brain thinks it is happening all over again and my body releases the chemicals and experiences the emotion over and over again.

So, who is doing the violence now?

Dear hearts, those directly traumatized need the rest of us to stay calm and turn within to the Source of Love, Compassion and Healing. They need us to radiate the Divine Love and Light that we are. They need us to send them Love and Compassion so that they can heal and be restored to health emotionally, mentally, and physically. Visualize the Love and Radiance that you Are radiating out and blanketing our world – and France in particular right now. Love yourself in the process by being in your moment, in your life as fully as you can. Be at peace, dear hearts, be at peace.

Now is the true challenge. Send love and compassion to those who are taught and who embrace the beliefs of separation, anger, fear, and hatred. Can you even imagine what their internal dialogues and feelings must be like? I hope not. If I even begin to go there, I shudder and pull away. They have no concept of what I know to be true:  when I harm another, I harm myself. They do not understand what they are doing to their own Souls. How does a mother give over her son to these beliefs, to these actions? How does she raise her daughter to do as she has done. How does a father close his heart to the consequences of what he leads his family into? How does he tell the mother of his children this is a worthy thing? I don’t know and I am grateful that I cannot understand.

What I do know is that I cannot go where they go so I must be All That I Am. I must send Love and Compassion to All even as I weep in the process. I must go deep within to the very heart of my being, to the very Essence of my Soul and I must live from there, from my Truth:

We Are One. Aum shanti shanti shanti. Aum peace peace peace.


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