Where Does Redemption Fit In?

I am currently participating in the 21-day meditation experience offered on http://www.chopracenter.com titled “Become What You Believe.” An online journal is provided and I find it most useful in centering my mind and heart for the day. As I journaled today, my path away from self-judgement became clearer to me. Having been a practicing Christian (both Catholic and Protestant), the idea of redemption was central to my beliefs. I was taught and I embraced the belief that I was born in sin, separated from God, and that I had to be redeemed.

As I journaled this morning that word “redeemed” seemed to stand out on the page. The word “deem” means to regard or consider something in a specific way. The times I have heard it used, it takes on an air of authority or weight that takes its meaning beyond thinking.  For example, the principal deemed it necessary to discipline the students.

So, in religion I was taught that Jesus came to redeem me from my sin. mmm….so, he came to change the way my status had been regarded or considered by others. He deemed me worthy of God’s love and even told his followers that we are all One with God just as Jesus himself is One with God. Not separate, One. So, what I needed to be redeemed from was the belief system that taught me I was separate, a sinner, and that I had to gain God’s favor. Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ, re-deemed me.  I love that!!

What I experience day-to-day at this point in my life is this: when I am uncomfortable with an aspect of my behavior, I turn within to the Oneness that I Am. As I rest in the peace of my Soul, I am able to see that my behavior was uncomfortable because an old habit resurfaced or I am in need of healing or I am being totally human. Yep. My divinity does not always shine through my humanity because, as is so often said, I am a work in progress. I do not always fully live from the non-duality I believe. At the same time, when I look back as I did this morning, the difference in how I am results in a “Wahoo!” moment. I am riding this zipline called life and I laugh way more than I cry these days!

I love you all for you are a part of me. We are One because the Divine cannot be divided. There is only Wholeness in all of It’s facets, like a diamond shining in the Light of Love.

Peace, Aum Shanti.


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