Living Relentlessly

Like so many, I am still processing the events in France four days ago. My meditation this morning calls me into the Oneness of All That Is. I am reminded that my brothers and sisters are suffering – some from bullet wounds and/or the loss of loved ones, others from the profound sense of separation that allows them to go to the extremes of mass murder and suicide.

It occurs to me that terrorists have a deep and relentless desire to live what they believe. They demand to be seen and heard as separate, profoundly different, right, and better than those who do not embrace their beliefs. They are the other side of the coin of oneness, the polar opposite.

The question I ask myself this morning is “Am I, as an enlightened being in human form, living what I believe as relentlessly as my separatist relatives are?” Am I as relentless in seeing them in oneness as they are in seeing me as separate from themselves?

I set this intention this morning:

It is my intention to live relentlessly from the Truth of my Soul. I am dedicated to living from the peace and equanimity of my Soul. I understand that Oneness does not imply sameness and that there are all levels of enlightenment, awareness, and unfolding in my human family. I love those that I am not aligned with and I send them blessings of love and light. I am humbled by their confusion, pain, and sense of separation and alienation. I long for their Souls to find true peace in the Oneness and Wholeness of All That Is. I live relentlessly from the Truth of my Soul.

Aum shanti shanti shanti. Aum peace peace peace.


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