Insight Remembered

This morning I noticed a page in my journal that I had marked. I turned there to see why I thought it was worthy of returning to at some point. The entry was written on New Year’s Eve, 2012. It is a summary of my journey to the discovery of True Self and includes a memory from just over 40 years ago. I thought you might resonate with it in some way.

Today I watched a retrospective of the Oprah Show. So much wisdom from so many people: Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukov, Thick Nhat Han, and more. Someone on the show said something along these lines, “When the mind and heart are open, the Divine has an open pathway to manifest through us.” Another said, “It doesn’t matter if I make mistakes. God loves me.”

As I heard these words, a clear memory arose and I remembered the pain and sadness of a God who demanded that I get it right, that I am born a sinner and am tasked to become a saint. In the memory I was standing at the kitchen sink in our second house in Goose Bay, Labrador. Not yet 30, married with two beautiful children who were and still are a wonder to me. My soul cried out to know myself and to be so connected to God that it would get me from morning to night without being a crazy person. . .two children under the age of 5, living in Labrador, isolated from family and country, a husband possessed by his work, extreme weather. It was a lot and I felt so alone.

Another of Oprah’s guest, when asked “What is God?” replied “God is the Divine in me.” When asked “What is Love?” replied “Love is the Divine in me manifesting.” My note at this point in the journal says: I am a spiritual (divine) being learning to be human, to manifest as divinely human.

Every experience that feels uncomfortable is challenging this truth of the divine within – a truth long-buried under religion-based judgements and dogma. Every challenge is an opportunity to live from the Divine Nature that is my True Essence. And when I do just that, I soar – sometimes with a roar of laughter, sometimes in the solitude of a walk in the park.

A master said that the Divine dwells in the space between the inhale and the exhale. There is more space than substance in the human body….why then does it not collapse? because Spirit/Divine Essence dwells in the spaces. That which creates and manifest life in form also sustains and maintains that life.

This is the oneness, the connectedness I sought what I was young.

In Oneness I Am Whole. In Wholeness I Am One.

Peace     Love     Joy     Abounding

Thank you, dear hearts, for taking the time to read this. Thank you for pursuing your Truth, Your True Self. May your mind and heart be open and may the Divine manifest in and through you so that peace, love, and joy abound in you, in us, in our world.


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