Meditation Moment

Meditating regularly brings us many benefits. Meditation calms us physically, mentally, and emotionally. It even improves the quality of our sleep, which is vital to our health and well-being as well. I have been quite consistent with morning meditations for many years. It seems natural for me to begin the day quietly as I connect with God, the Divine within me. I set intentions and let myself imagine (image in) how I want to move through the day and how I want to feel at the end of my day. I sit in silence and the calmness and clarity I experience often return to me easily throughout the day.

Meditation at night, when not in a group, has been more of a challenge. Just last week I set an intention to develop a bedtime routine that includes a short yoga practice (10-15 minutes) that would balance my energy and draw me into the silence. I already have a ritual that honors the directions, my teachers, ancestors, descendents, and closes with gratitude for the day now drawing to a close.

For me, adding something new to my practice is most effective and lasting if I do it in small steps. So, for now I am meditating for about 10 minutes simply focusing on the flow of my breath – either counting to four on the inhale and to six on the exhale, or silently saying “inhaling I breathe, exhaling I am peaceful.” The light is already out so, upon finished my meditation, I simply lay down and close my eyes.

If you have yet to meditate regularly, try something simple at a time of day that will be easy for you. Just sit quietly and slowly expand your breath in the rib cage and belly. Feel the physical sensation of the breath in your body. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly for 10 breaths. Try it every day for a week or so. You just might be glad you began and choose to continue.

Blessings of love and light, dear hearts.


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