Am I Joy?

Ananda Hum is a sanskrit mantra that is translated as I am Joy (happiness or bliss as well).

I Am Joy. Am I Joy? Joy I Am.

Are happiness and joy the same thing? For me, there is a difference, though I also believe that as we unfold more deeply into True Self that difference diminishes.

Happiness seems to be more dependent on outer circumstances than joy is. Joy emerges from within, emanating from True Self. Happiness is loud and joy shines quietly. I can rest in the contentment of my Soul and  live in quiet joy even when I am unhappy about something in life. Happiness can come and go while joy is a state of being. When I nurture this state of being, I am joyful and contented.

Where and how do you find joy? Like love and peace, joy is found in the Oneness of Self and Source, in the Wholeness of All That Is. As I am faithful to my spiritual practice, especially meditation, my awareness of my own Oneness with God deepens and I abide in that Oneness. Abiding has a much deeper meaning than living. Abiding means to be, to rest, to have your being in that place of Oneness, Wholeness, Love. Then all that I Am, all that I believe and do, emanates from the Divine Presence that I Am. Even as I type this, I realize there is a broad smile on my face and my heart feels light. I am filled with joy because I am so deeply and abundantly loved in my Oneness with my Source.

I Am Joy. Ananda Hum.


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