On My Doorstep

I live 60 miles from San Bernardino, California. Two days ago people died violently in that city. I was unaware until a friend mentioned the news during a phone call. Yesterday there were press conferences and I watched most of one. Being very visual, I avoid taking in violent images if possible, preferring to know what has happened without doing more harm to myself than is necessary.

I was impressed with the law enforcement agencies involved. I have always had a heart toward those who protect and serve in law enforcement or the military. We lost a few in this situation. They do every day what I would not have the courage to do and I am grateful to them and to their families.

I have no new words of wisdom this morning. My Soul is in a very quiet place and I grieve for those who are suffering injury and loss because of this recent violent attack on the unaware and the helpless. I grieve for my world and for those beings so unaware of our connectedness that this feels like an answer to them. I don’t know how to hate them and hurting them won’t make it stop.

Always when this happens, I am reminded of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He consistently teaches that we cannot create peace by making war. I believe he is speaking not just to us in hopes that we will not launch our weapons of war but to those who seek peace by building bombs that strap to their bodies or can be left behind to randomly maim and kill. We cannot find peace within by creating destruction without.

May your heart know peace today and may you manifest True Self in your life today and all ways.


2 thoughts on “On My Doorstep

  1. Kathleen, I support you in protecting yourself from further trauma. I am allowing myself to watch one press conference a day because the law enforcement community is working together in such a clear, positive, and powerful way. You know me and you know my heart toward law enforcement and rescue workers. I am listening to them and not the news media and I am encouraged by their wisdom and their desire to protect and serve. May they be abundantly blessed as they proceed.


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