Divinely Loved

Dear Hearts, you are eternally and unconditionally loved. You are Divine Love manifesting in human form. You are Love in Form. You are Divine Love manifesting in the world.

Be blessed in the Truth of Who You Are. This is the gift you bring to the world. You are the Only You. Unique. Beautiful. Wonder-filled.

All That You Are is perfect right now, today, and all ways.

Feel it. Believe it. Be it.

You are Loved.


2 thoughts on “Divinely Loved

  1. Lately I have been struggling with (negative) self-(talk)…My true self KNOWS who I AM, and struggles through these thoughts and words to be heard. Sometimes I cry it out because it feels like a fight between what IS and what is perceived. It is exhausting. This morning, I came back to this post because I want to carry these words in my heart throughout the day. I want peace in my soul. I want to FEEL the softness of Spirit’s LOVE. Thank you for reminding us about our TRUE NATURE!


  2. Thank you for giving me permission to lightly edit your comment, Lee. For those of you reading this, it is a decision I make now and then to protect a person’s privacy.
    I am humbled that my words are a helpful reminder for you, Lee. The journey is to consistently, gently and consciously return to the truth of who we are.


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