Personal Truth

How would you define the idea of Personal Truth? What do you believe about Truth? Is it the same for everyone? Does it have to be? Is there only one Truth? Where do you even begin to answer?

Our world is manifesting the existence of a variety of “truths” in very dramatic ways. How can a person walk into a room filled with people, young and old, and begin to fire an automatic weapon? That person is empowered by personal truth. How does one person in that same room lay their body down over another in hopes of shielding a stranger from certain death? That person is also empowered by personal truth.

I cannot claim to have all the answers. There are, however, some things I have come to understand through personal experience. My Personal Truth is only truly mine if I have journeyed in and through what I have been taught or told to believe. The courage to question with an open mind and an open heart, fearlessly and without guilt, can only lead to deeper understanding, higher wisdom, and an ever-unfolding path of enlightenment. There is only one truth I am responsible for and that is my own. This process can include intellectual pursuits but I find these necessary mainly to clarify and help me to articulate what I have come to know in ways that transcend the intellect. I simply know something is true because I came to know it as Truth within the very essence of my being. I know that I know.

What I experience on a spiritual level refines, matures, deepens and expands this consistently and without ceasing. Enlightened teachers open my mind and heart to newer levels of understanding and more expansive ways to live and share what I have come to know. Students bring my gifts into the light by asking questions and trusting my guidance. Their seeking stimulates my intuition, my knowing, my wisdom to come forth as I honor their path, their journey to their Personal Truth. And yes, their path may be very similar to mine, our Truths will resonate at high levels, our love and respect will be mutual and still this may not mean that we believe exactly all the same things, concepts, ways.

Personal Truth empowers the believer to walk their path with faith, clarity, strength, and commitment. The Truth that a person embraces as their own can also limit them and create judgement, separation, fear, anger, and destruction. Why is there such a stark difference in truths? Beloved, we live in a world, a dimension governed by duality – magnetic polarity of positive and negative forces hold the material world together, reproductive polarity of female and male recreate the material world in the vast majority of cases, belief systems draw us to the light of love or the darkness of fear. We are taught that there are winners and losers or those who are right and those who are wrong. This illusion we are living is based on these concepts.

Does this have to define me as an individual? Does this have to be my Personal Truth? Of course not! Look how many of us have already expanded beyond these beliefs while still accepting the precepts of this physical existence! Balance, oneness, wholeness do not necessarily require sameness, complete agreement in every detail. There is only one me and there is only one you. Each of us is divinely and wonderfully unique and rare in this moment. Together we are more than we are apart. Aren’t you glad we don’t all look the same and have the same-sounding voices? Not only would that be confusing, it might be quite colorless and boring.

What is my point today? I think it is to get you thinking about what you believe and how you came to believe it. You might even consider the idea that you are not yet finished discovering what you believe and where you can go with what you believe. Keep unfolding, keep expanding, keep becoming more and more the Truth of Who You Are!

Love abounds.


2 thoughts on “Personal Truth

  1. I hope my personal truth n someone else who possesses a personal truth where they pull out weapons shooting to kill strangers because their personal truth seems to think it’s a good idea – Well, I pray we never meet up🙏


  2. I hear your heart in this comment, Kathleen. I think many of us feel this hope of never having such an experience. I feel the message in all of this is to always be open to examine our own truth so that we remain in a place of love, gratitude, and peace within our own hearts. I have no desire to understand what it is like to live with violent thoughts and desires. May I remain always in a place of desiring loving and compassionate thoughts and actions and may I attract others of like mind and heart. I love you, precious friend and sister of my heart, Catherine.


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