In his book The Five Levels of Attachment, Don Miguel Ruiz says “I am love and peace starts with me.” (Pg. 186)

Here are a few more of his thoughts from this book:

“We can all become aware that it is love that bonds us to one another. We can love each other with conditions or with respect. The difference is harmony—a form of heaven on earth. When we have respect for one another’s free will, then we have peace.” (Pg. 185)

“The point of life is to love, and to do so is a choice. In that choice I take action, and in that action, I am love. I have a voice. I can use it to oppress, or I can use it to liberate. I can create, I can lead, and I can love. The same is true for you. Together we can say, I love.
All we have and are is love.” (Pg. 186)

Excerpt From: Don Miguel Ruiz. “The Five Levels of Attachment.” Hierophant Publishing. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright

Real Peace must begin within each of us. When I love and accept myself, I am at peace within and with what I am experiencing in any given moment. I know you have heard this before so ask yourself where your thoughts and feelings have been taking you these past few weeks. Are you living in peace within? May it be so.

Take a few moments today, and every day, to breathe your awareness to your heart center. Rest there for several breaths and feel the peace that arises from within, from True Self. Bathe yourself in that peace. Form a shallow bowl in front of your heart with your hands palms up and visualize our planet floating just above your palms. Breathe and bathe our world in peace.

It only takes a moment or two….what if we all did that every day?

Aum shanti shanti shanti. Aum peace peace peace.


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