A Loving Encounter

Last night I attended a gathering where I encountered two wonderful human beings. As I introduced myself these two women looked into my eyes and they saw me! Is there any better feeling than being seen?! We ended up walking outside briefly to connect apart from the chatter of the larger group. We laughed and talked about already liking each other. We hugged and said we would like to meet again. I decided to leave the gathering after that because that encounter was the highlight of my evening and I wanted to leave in the glow of meeting those two amazing human beings.

This morning I am still smiling at the memory of such sweet ease. I am grateful for having met them, for their openness, for the twinkle in their eyes, for the sound of their voices, and for the hugs so freely given. They probably have no idea that they touched me so sweetly. They don’t know that I have very few friends here because of having moved less than a year ago. They don’t know that being heard and having them want a few minutes apart with me had such meaning for me.

May they be abundantly blessed as this new day unfolds and may their sweetness toward me come back to them and make their faces smile as their hearts open to receive. May you be blessed and may your heart be open to receive unexpected blessings even as your presence and your openness is a blessing to those you may encounter along the way.



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