I had a conversation recently with an enlightened soul sister. She made a comment that reminded me of things I read years ago about people living several hundred years. Yesterday I had a three hour coffee break with an enlightened soul brother and the topic of how long we live came up again. When something surfaces more than once in a short amount of time, I begin to pay attention. Spirit is calling my awareness to something important.

As I walked home yesterday, I acknowledged that my own life span and expectancy had been on my mind quite a lot this past year. In January I will mark the completion of my 70th year in this body and this personality. I have been experiencing this thing called time and our current belief system about life spans. My mother made her transition at age 76 (She lived much longer than either of her parents. Her mother died when she was 6 months old and her father when she was 6 years old). My father made his transition one month after his 89th birthday.

I have been facing the thoughts and feelings of life getting shorter and time running out. It has been uncomfortable. It has also caused me to be more open and honest about my feelings for others. It has caused me to be clearer about my desires and my intentions, more present with myself and those I encounter in any given moment. My mantra when the discomfort arises has become “I am so not done yet!” My life choices are healthier with regard to food, exercise, fresh air, rest, and who I hang out with as I seek a higher level of expression of love, joy, and laughter. I am very grateful for the gifts this experience is bringing me.

In the past two days, a whole new thought came to me:

Stay however long you want.

What??!!                          Stay however long you want.

Are you kidding me? Every time, without exception, in the past year, when the feelings about life span and expectations about that came up in me, my internal response was “I am SO not done yet!” Today I believe that was my own Soul saying there is still much to learn, experience, share and do here. My Soul has been reminding me that I really am not done here and that a shift in awareness, desire, and intention is necessary. My physical choices are good and healthy. My thoughts and emotions are also healthier and more balanced. Now my practice is to align my body and my mind and my emotions with my Soul’s true desire. From now on my intention is to remain here as a healthy, happy and vibrant human being until my Soul’s desires and intentions are fulfilled – and I am open to being here for however long that takes! After all, it is starting to be extremely fun so why go any time soon?!

Wahoo! Another platform just took form in the zipline of my life!!



7 thoughts on “Longevitiy

  1. Hi, Catherine,
    When it is my time, it is my time. If it is not, I will survive, whatever the situation. I might have 30 more years, or 3 hours or 3 minutes. Like you, I am very not done – so much to learn, to do, to see and to experience. All we can do is to live from moment to moment, as well as we can.

    Miss you, and love you.


  2. I agree, Daphne. This moment is my eternity. For me, thinking about longevity and desiring many more years is more about keeping doors open rather than assuming they are about to close. This removes any sense of “running out of time” so that I continue rather than giving up. It releases me into the present moment to live fully and with joy and gratitude.
    Peace and Love, catherine


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