A Graceful Melt Down

Two weeks ago I had an amazing week of highly conscious encounters with enlightened beings. My own awareness was expansive and filled with gratitude for opportunities to learn, grow, and be of loving service to others. It was so much fun. I was fatigued and planned to have a quiet day. That morning I had an emotional melt down. This happens to me sometimes when I am very tired. I reached out to a sweet friend via text, seeking support as I moved through my process.

The response was just what I needed and put in terms I had never heard before:

Have a graceful meltdown. I understand.

This was just what I needed in that moment. I took several slow breaths and let it all be easy. I could let this emotional release be filled with grace, love, and light. And so it was. My day was gentle, restful, and sweet. My balance was restored on every level. My heart filled with gratitude for it all.



2 thoughts on “A Graceful Melt Down

  1. A reminder to embrace All of our emotions as the valuable messengers they are!
    Doing so without resistance would be graceful.


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