Compassionate Endings

Here we are again at the end of a calendar year. Let me remind you that it is only an end on a calendar which was created to enhance our ability to communicate with one another about what we are experiencing. It is an ending only to our intellect unless we choose to make it more.

The end of a calendar year can be a useful tool to take time to assess recent experience, to create a space for conscious gratitude and an opportunity to heighten my awareness of what I am experiencing in the moment, even what I would like to experience as this day unfolds. Many people like to look back with gratitude while setting goals for the coming months or year. Certain aspects of life are definitely enhanced by creating goals. This morning I visited the Chopra Center web site and there was a wonderful posting by Deepak Chopra. He shared his goals for a more balanced lifestyle and I found it inspiring.

For now, I invite you to create a compassionate ending to the year. Everything you have experience, comfortable or not, has brought you to this moment and to this level of awareness. Rather than focusing on what was hard or disappointing, let yourself breathe and know that there is only now. Be with your breath and let this moment be easy. Release all that has come before with compassion toward yourself and others. Be quick to forgive and willing to learn and grow. If there is something you are having trouble releasing, contact me. I work via email and phone as well as in person. Let me support your journey as you expand more and more into True Self, the Love and Light that you are.

Blessings. Aum shanti shanti shanti.


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