Every person is divinely and wonderfully unique. Each of you brings a gift to the world which only you can bring because there is only one you.

Before I continue, stop for a moment and feel this wise saying:

That which you resist persists.

Resistant is a powerful energy and powerful energies give life to whatever they are focused on so…what are you focusing on if your response to that first paragraph was “What about a terrorist? What gift does that person bring?” Can you see where your energy went? Energy is neutral and it intensifies without regard to our perceptions of good and evil purposes. If I am constantly thinking about what is “wrong” in our world, the energy emanating out from me goes to the source of what I am thinking about and empowers that. If, instead, I focus on the powerful gifts of love and light that are all around me, I am empower those energies to be magnified and expanded in my world.

Here is a sweet example, I watched 10 minutes of a special last night on tv that featured a child prodigy preparing for his first concert with a group of gifted, experienced jazz musicians. He was amazing. He was also humbly accepting their instruction and guidance as he learned to play with others. His respect and willingness to learn shown even more brightly (for me) than his natural gift to play the way he does. I am still thinking of him this morning so what is my energy supporting? Divine gifts, humility, learning, teaching, sharing light and love. Got it?

Okay then, back to the unique gifts each of your brings. A gift can be having a face that smiles easily and often. It can be a love of helping others with their finances. Some gifts bring fame and fortune. Other gifts make a moment worth living like a quiet “thank you” to a grocery clerk.

All gifts expand when appreciated and shared and they expand within the giver as well as the receiver. Gifts expand again when each takes a moment to enjoy having given or received. When I was going through the divorce experience, I encountered a former bible study student of mine as I entered a store one morning. She hugged me and said, “Oh Catherine, I just heard. You know God will forgive you if you just repent and return to your marriage. I am praying for you.” I absorbed the punch to my already weary heart and mind and replied, “I welcome your prayers during this most difficult time. If you truly understood, you might see it differently. Yes, keep me in your prayers. I will take all that I can get right now.” I returned to my car rather than going into the store and wept. I meant what I said because I knew that God would hear her desire to help over her perception of what I needed, of what was for my highest good. Divine Love doesn’t judge the source and I began to see that it was possible for me not to judge it either.

Margaret Mead said

We need every human gift and cannot afford to neglect any gift because of artificial barriers of sex or race or class or national origin.

You are a gift and you have gifts to share. Let your heart focus be on who you are and what you bring and know that this cannot help but radiate out into our world. You are a gift. Thank you for showing up.



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