Truly Here Now

I completely missed the first 10 or so minutes of my walk this morning. Oh, I was outside and my legs were moving. Physically, I was definitely walking. As I came around the corner to a different street, I realized I had not noticed one tree, one squirrel, and had absolutely no idea how amazingly blue the sky was. Nope, I was mind-grinding on something that hadn’t even happened yet.

So, I took about three long, slow breaths and focused on the movement of my ribs and belly. Then I slowed down a bit and acknowledged what I had been thinking about. I honored my need to gather more information once I returned home and then I chose to look up. The color of the sky was that vibrant blue only the sky can be after a week of rain. I stopped and looked and smiled.

Finally I was right here, right now. There are times when my intention while walking is to sort through the details of something but today I didn’t have any real details! Today my highest need was to be in each moment. So that is what I chose each time my problem solving mind found something to work on. Each time I chose to feel the muscles in my legs, or notice how my toes felt when I came forward on my foot. Each time I found something to experience and feel over something that had not yet happened.

The result was that I felt at peace, energetic, and ready for my day by the time I returned home.

Are you right here, right now? When you answered the phone the last time it rang, did you stop what you were doing, take a breath, and hear the tone of the person’s voice and not just their words? It is that simple, this mindful living. It is choosing every time you become aware of what you are doing or thinking to ask yourself if you are right here, right now….or did you leave the room?

This is the path to personal peace. Namaste.


5 thoughts on “Truly Here Now

  1. I so understand those days, Natalia. Reading your comment just now brought a big smile to my face because our hearts have touched across time and space. Truly we have met in the Oneness of All That Is. Love and peace, dear heart, catherine

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