This morning in meditation I thought of those I love that have a need for support right now. I closed my eyes and took those first few slow breaths. A familiar image came to mind. This image has come to me often over the years of this spiritual journey. It is an image of a beautiful, delicate spider web. Its center is where I sit and it touches each of the locations where these loved ones are. It spreads beyond us, across this country, touching those I may be unaware of in the moment. If I sit a little longer, it wraps itself around this beautiful planet on which we live. As I meditate, the energy of love, peace, and healing illuminates and reveals the intricacies of the web and I am in awe.

It is such a simple thing to be still, breathe, and feel my love for others. This image reminds me of the power of love and a few quiet moments. It reminds me that love weaves us into a tapestry of light, healing, peace, joy, oneness. There is no separation where Spirit is concerned; there is only the oneness of All That Is.

This morning I send you love, peace, joy, and healing. For in the Oneness of All That Is, I Am with you. May you unfold into the joy of True Self this day and may your heart be light.

Love and Peace All Ways.


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