Truth Is What?

Truth is what you perceive it to be in any given moment and, because perceptions can change, your truth can also change.

Does that make you uncomfortable? If you have never explored the connection between perception and what you believe, it most likely does make you uncomfortable.  This type of discomfort can become a valuable tool in the journey into enlightenment. It can turn you within and invite you to experience further enlightenment and deeper joy. After all, enlightenment brings joy and who doesn’t want more and more of that?!

For many years I was a respected bible teacher and I am grateful for all that I experienced during those years. I was trained by extremely gifted people and humbled by those who trusted me to teach them. When my marriage was ending, I experienced some  judgement and condemnation, as in the case of a letter written by a former pastor who knew me better than most. He had been my mentor and our families were very close friends. The essence of his lengthy letter was that I was in sin and the only solution was to ask forgiveness and return to my husband. I also experienced love and compassion, as was demonstrated when another former pastor called me upon receiving my change of address card. He wanted to know just one thing: Was I in a strong enough place spiritually to go through this process and know that God loved me unconditionally. “And if you aren’t, I will come and conduct a private retreat with you.” These opposing responses were based on “the truth” as perceived by people who believed in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. One perceived a God who would judge  and probably punish me; the other perceived a God who would love and support me.

It is important to understand that every person who spoke to me during that time loved me. I knew them and I knew they cared for me. The difference was not about them loving me; it was about their truth. And their truth was defined by their perception of God. Fortunately I was very clear at the time about my own perception of God, my own truth. I was also just as clear about why that relationship had ended and that people would have many different perceptions and opinions. In the end all that mattered was whether or not I was trusting that still quiet Voice within and making the best decisions I knew how to make at the time.

Truth is what you perceive it to be in any given moment and, because your perception can change, your truth can also change. Peace be with you all ways.


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