Wise Choices

Yesterday I used my own divorce as an example of perceptions and personal truth. Today I want to follow that up with a few comments about the choices I made during that time as I attempted to walk through that experience and be true to my personal truth.

My truth was that God was guiding me out of a relationship that was no longer serving my highest good. We had been married almost 25 years and it was the most difficult decision I faced in my entire life. Two young adult children were losing their family as a unit and it was devastating. And, no, my choices during that process were not always wise or for my highest good. My choices did, however, teach me a lot about who I was at the core of my being and how I wanted to move through life.

My awakening had begun in the final years of my marriage and now continued with intensity and multiple opportunities to discover and begin manifesting True Self. I am grateful even for my mistakes because I met people along the way who remain trusted friends or whose teachings I turn to even now, almost 25 years later.

I guess my point is that knowing your personal truth does not guarantee you will always make your best choices. My personal truth at that time was not fully developed and neither was my understanding of that truth. Divine Love used it all anyway. My Higher Self used it all anyway. Everything I experienced brought me deeper understanding and clarity of my true nature; everything made my Inner Wisdom’s Voice more familiar to me. I believe I make wiser choices now and I make them the majority of the time. All of my choices continue to take me deeper and wider along my path of enlightenment. That path has taught me to view myself with love rather than judgement and this allows me to give others the same.

May your path unfold into enlighten wisdom, peace, and joy. Namaste.


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