Turn Within

Do you seek to answer the question “Who am I?”        Turn Within.

Do you seek peace in your life?                                            Turn Within.

Do you long for peace in our world?                                  Turn Within.

Do you seek love?                                                                    Turn Within.

Do you seek forgiveness?                                                      Turn Within.

Do you seek wisdom?                                                             Turn Within.

Do you seek inspiration?                                                       Turn Within.

Do you seek to know God?                                                    Turn Within.

Do you seek compassion?                                                     Turn Within.

Do you seek to know Oneness?                                           Turn Within.

Do you seek Wholeness?                                                       Turn Within.

Do you seek guidance?                                                           Turn Within.

The Divine Awaits Your Presence.                                              Turn Within.


2 thoughts on “Turn Within

  1. Namaste, Lee. I am working on a short, guided meditation that will be available on my web site that is a path to your answer. “Within” is what we experience when we enter the silence and our awareness connects in such a way that everything but the moment and the sense of oneness with the Divine is suspended. Give me a call when you have time and we will talk further. Catherine


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