A Little Girl

Once there was a little girl with dark curly hair. She was about 9 years old and one of her favorite things to do was watch the sky. One day in early summer she lay on her back in the green grass and focused her eyes and her awareness upward. Why clouds in different shapes floated ever so slowly across the vivid blue sky. She giggled as the clouds took shape. And she felt it then. She knew she was not alone and that she never would be.

“I know you are watching me,” she whispered. “I feel you watching me and it is okay. It doesn’t frighten me at all. I know you and, if watching me makes you happy, that is fine with me.” She closed her eyes and let herself feel the warmth of the sun on her face, arms, and legs. It felt like a big, warm hug. She took a breath and sighed from the depths of her being. “I love you too,” she said in silence, only her lips moving.

And the Sky-Watcher within her was awakened and remains awake today, more than a few decades later.

Love and Peace all ways, dear hearts.


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