The Wellspring of Joy

Happiness is a response to circumstance, whether it is the feeling within when someone hugs us truly or the laughter and fun that is elicited when taking a small child to the zoo.

Joy is a deeper, more abiding sensation and state of being (spiritual, emotional, mental) that arises from the Soul, from True Self. It is that quiet knowing that I am loved without condition and that I am never alone. It is the spontaneous smile that arises when I take a breath and feel Divine Love well up within me and for me. It is the Divine Love I feel for others and the privilege of sharing the journey.

Joy is quiet, sweet, always there and always waiting to rise and overflow into my awareness and into the expression of my Soul, my True Self. It is the wonder that I felt the other day as my almost-2 year old granddaughter ran in a circle singing at the top of her lungs, “Happy Birthday, Gamma! Happy Birthday, Gamma!” Pure delight, joy unfolding.

Joy is life at its best because I am mindful, aware, and never alone because I am all-one.

Happiness comes and goes. Joy unfolds and remains.


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