What is Real

There is that which is seen and there is that which is unseen.

For the most part, people base what they believe to be true about life on what can be seen. There are multitudes who base their faith on what cannot be seen, on God, and even many of those still live fear-based lives.

What endures? What lasts? What transcends life on this planet? What is eternal? The answer to all of these questions is the same:  The Unseen.

Yes, we must live and function in this third dimensional reality but is it real? Is it real in the sense of lasting or remaining the same? In Eastern philosophies, this world and all we experience here is called an illusion. To me this means it is temporary, not intended to last forever. It is to be experienced fully and mindfully and then to be transcended. The part of me that is an illusion is physical and we all know that is going to pass away or most certainly be transformed. And yet it is the illusion that I can most clearly see.

That which I cannot see is eternal. It is that Divine Essence that manifests this body, this mind, and these emotions…this present personality and human experience. Can I know this part of myself? Definitely. Can I experience my Soul in such a way that it becomes more real to me than my body? Definitely. Can the unseen be and feel more real to me than the seen. Yes.

And when this happens, when the unseen becomes more real than the seen, the very real fun begins! Then this life can be lived fully, joyfully, and peacefully as doubt, fear and conflict are transcended. All that is seen will be transformed by that which is unseen and the only purpose of any darkness will be to give form and substance to the light of love. Contrast rather than conflict. Balance points rather than opposition. Resonance rather than dissonance.

Oneness in All That Is, for now, is unseen and Real.


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