Personal Peace

If for any reason, I am not fully at peace within, I must first look within. I must learn to ask the questions that will reveal the truth of what is undermining my fundamental peace of mind and heart. And I must learn to ask these questions gently, honestly, and without judgment.

Am I participating in my own well-being by being faithful to a healthy diet, appropriate exercise, fresh air, rest, and wise financial management?

Am I allowing time for sweet silence to meditate, journal, appreciate the gifts life brings me, and feel gratitude?

Am I manifesting compassion toward myself?

Am I taking responsibility for my own happiness or am I looking to others to make me happy? Am I blaming others when I am not happy and content? Am I truly grateful for what I have and who I am or am I constantly thinking about what I don’t have and judging myself for not being perfect or better in some way?

Am I living mindfully so that I know personal peace is about my spiritual, emotional, and mental environment? If I am cultivating peace within, my physical and external environments will be peaceful as well – even when I am confronted with challenges or the ongoing crises in our world.

I am responsible for my personal peace. I must have the courage to shift attitudes, behaviors, and choices if I am not at peace.




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