Anything Can Happen

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Anything can happen”?  For many, perhaps most, people it means “Don’t get your hopes up” because something might happen to disappoint you. I don’t think I ever heard anyone use that phrase except with reference to disappointment until I was in my forties. I began to hear it when I was hanging out with New Agers. Yep, the bible study teacher who lived in the Deep South, was hanging out with those weird people over at the beach. They got together to meditate and do energy work and talk about higher awareness and stuff like that! She also hung out with another group that did sweat lodges with Walter Littlemoon from the Lakota Sioux Nation and Dr. Bill Carson who had a PhD in Anthropology and taught about world religions. I also heard from my ALANON sponsor when she said “Anything that happens to someone else can happen to me and I’m counting on that by paying attention to people who talk about how blessed they are!”

From these people, and in my personal studies, I began to hear about the “field of infinite possibilities” (Deepak Chopra’s phrase). My heart and mind opened up to ideas that were new to me but that, I now know, have been around since the beginning of humankind.

Anything can happen! Dreams can manifest! In my lifetime man has taken to space and walked on the moon. There is a “Dick Tracy” watch phone on sale! The people of the United States elected a black president and the gay population is gaining ground in equal rights. People talk openly about higher consciousness, past life connections and memories, energy healing and there was a World Parliament of Religions a few months ago.

Anything can happen! I am retired and creating a new life for myself. I am watching my granddaughter grow up, making new friends in a new city, and having more time with my own children than I have had in over 20 years. I am also attracting opportunities to write, teach, mentor and share unfolding enlightenment, love, and joy with those seeking and with those of like mind.

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Anything can happen”? Perhaps a shift will open your heart, your mind, your life to that field of infinite possibilities that Deepak Chopra brings to life. Shift happens!


2 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen

  1. Anything Can Happen-I have my first piano performance today since the production I put together in 1996!! I am using my gifts to put together fundraisers with kids for my favorite charity, Young Living Foundation. I have a blog that is building in momentum-The Adina Factor-I am exercising regularly (lots of Yoga and Yoga Nidra involved) and my eating has completely changed after 18 months. Anything Can Happen & it is I am a tuned up, restored 50’s model rocking in the 21st century!! All because I have friends and mentors like CC! Thank you.


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