To Fight is Futile

From an article titled “What Is Oneness?” by Roger Gabriel (Raghavanand), taken from today, February 22, 2016:

And herein lies our challenge, we are one but we think we are separate; we have forgotten our Oneness…When we realize we are one, who, or what is there to fight against? On a cosmic level, two people fighting is as ridiculous as if your hands decided they didn’t like each other and started fighting.

We have all known, and perhaps some have been, people with adversarial personalities. Discussions become power struggles and the need to be right or dominant fuels the fire. Explaining your point of view or working to be heard is futile and exhausting. There is seldom resolution or even a sense of mutual respect for differing opinions. The adversarial person loves the battle and the perceived adversary is often left with a sense of confusion and impotency. If both people are adversarial personalities, the exchange can escalate in any given situation or go on for years without progress or evolution.

I spent a great deal of time, as well as mental and emotional energy, trying to hold up my end in these types of exchanges and I began to feel as though my mouth was moving but no sound was coming out. Why am I never heard? When I came to understand that these personalities thrive on conflict, I learned very quickly to disengage because there is no way to connect with the other person. There is only the game of “who won this one.” I simply have no desire to interact on that level of awareness.

I am one with you. Even if you do not recognize that we are all connected, I know that we are and I live from what I know, just as you live from what you currently know.

Peace comes in knowing that I am not responsible for another person’s enlightenment. I can support your unfolding, your spiritual journey into enlightenment and oneness, but I cannot make it happen or talk you into it. I must trust the sacredness of your journey and allow you the path you are on, while being faithful to my own.

May each of us be blessed with Love, Peace, Truth, and ever-unfolding awareness until the multitude of us recognizes and walks in the Oneness That We Are.

Namaste. Peace.


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