Settling In

It is good to be at my keyboard deciding what to write. I have spent the past ten days moving into an apartment less than a block from my first apartment here in Burbank. This apartment is on private property and it fell into my lap because of a tiny white dog named Pearl.

I met her people because she refused to let me walk by without stopping to visit with her, pet her, and hold her in my arms. When I met her she was about five months old and now she is a year old. Her people, Robert and Linda, and I have bonded from the heart and we know Divine Love brought us together. Unbeknownst to me, they were preparing an apartment as a rental. All of the details are unimportant but they offered it to me and were willing to keep it in my price range.

Now, I am settling in. This is a loving, sweet place and our friendship continues to grow. We are all about the same age and share similar life experiences in many ways. At the same time, our lives have been very different so we love hearing each other’s stories. And Pearl? Well, Pearl is a wild child and she is trying – sort of – to learn her manners. It is very hard for her to understand why people don’t like being jumped on. After all, she now has a little sister, Ginger, and they jump all over each other and roll around. I’m sure Pearl finds us weird.

When I am in transition, I am consistently reminded of having experienced an earthquake when I was attending the University of Nevada in Reno, Nevada, in the ’60’s. I was walking on campus when it began and I knew immediately what was happening. On Okinawa, tremors are common and I had spent my senior year in high school there. At school we would hold onto the sides of our desks, pick up our feet, and be moved around the room like game pieces. But this time the quake was larger and I was outside. I could not hold the horizon (which we normally do without awareness or effort) and I had an overwhelming urge to lay down and hold onto the grass for fear of floating off the planet! Fortunately, it stopped before I actually did that.

Transition feels like when the earth moved under my feet. Now I am down to the last small group of boxes and quietly finding where I want things to be. I am also wondering where I have put things already unpacked!

The transitions or shifts in consciousness we are experiencing are similar. I often remind myself and others that, when our consciousness expands, our human self must adjust as well. This takes a little longer but each level of human life carries a different vibration. The body is the heaviest physically and on the vibrational level. Mind and emotions have lighter vibrational patterns. Each has to adjust to the higher level of consciousness or balance will be lost. Homeostasis of body, mind, heart follows expanding consciousness and takes longer.

So, whether you are transitioning in your daily life (job, home, relationship) or on a cosmic level, please be gentle with yourself and nurture yourself on every level. Balance will be restored.

Aum shanti shanti shanti.


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