An Opossum

I doubt many would call her cute but she is a definite presence in my new neighborhood. There are motion-sensitive lights on the outside of my home and she sets them off every night while making her rounds. The first night I noticed them, I went to the window and, at first, saw nothing. We cohabit with a large variety of animals & birds here: raccoons, coyotes, rats, opossums, owls, and hawks of all sizes, to name just a few. I almost went back to bed; it was 4:20 am. Curiosity won and I looked out one more time. I expected to see a raccoon but it was an opossum.

She is huge! My landlord told me she lives in a yard about 4 houses down and makes her rounds along walls and roof tops. Most of the time I am unaware of her. It is during restless nights that I either hear her on the roof or notice the lights come on. I suppose it could be very annoying but that isn’t what I experience when I know she is around. She is going about her business, probably taking care of little ones in addition to herself. It doesn’t bother her a bit that we are here. After all, she is a nocturnal creature so she seldom encounters any of us directly. She just is who she is.

And this is why she came to mind as I opened this page, she just is who she is. As I make new friends, I am consistently aware of how many people here simply say what they think or feel about the current topic of conversation or their latest experience. I was a military daughter and then a military wife. The culture of the military, even for families, tends to be quite reserved when it comes to opinions. Politics seldom became a topic because military members serve the Commander-in-Chief. Their families tend to follow suit out of respect. I also lived in the Deep South for many years and quickly learned that my opinions created too many opportunities to defend myself – something I seldom find beneficial to myself or others. Heated arguments, in my experience, are neither fun nor productive of change for those involved.

I am only recently realizing how adept I have become at not revealing my True Self except in environments that are open and, in the past, situations where I held the authority in the room (as in yoga classes). As I emerge into a very different way of living, I am learning to manifest mySelf more clearly and openly. It feels good to just be who I am, like Mrs. Opossum.

I honor the choices I made when I was an integral part of the military community. It is of vital importance that there is as much peace and harmony in the home as possible for those who are on active duty. It is important that social events bring everyone together to laugh, play, and release tension.

When I am aware of the opossum, I smile and remind myself that I am more free to be me than ever before in my life…and that feels good!

May you be you. No one else on the planet can be a better you than you can be. You are a gift to the world, even when you don’t quite believe it. And I’ll be me for the same reasons. When we see things differently, we can let that be okay. All paths are sacred and all paths lead us home to the Oneness of All That Is.



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