Stay open to the possibilities of life. I pay attention when I see a news report about someone who is over 100 years old. That is a possibility for all of us, if it is what we want. I switch channels when the program or report is about abundant misfortune because that also is a possibility – not one that I desire however.

Stay open to the possibilities. When something comes to mind that elicits anxiety, let yourself feel that anxiety and then say out loud: that is only one of millions, and maybe billions, of possibilities so I will focus on a possibility that I would truly like to experience.

Stay open to the possibility of being content with yourself in this present moment. Stay open to the possibility of health and well-being on every level of awareness and experience. Stay open to loving yourself and others. Stay open to being loved, healed, happy, excelling at what you love doing, playing, living to the fullest (by your definition, no one else’s).

Stay open. The Divine awaits your openness and desires only and all ways your highest good.



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