Cheer For Yourself

I spent time with my 2 year old granddaughter yesterday. Hannah has learned the joy of playing by herself, doing puzzles, making cakes for her toys with building blocks, tea parties, etc. She is very patient with challenging puzzles. When it isn’t working, she keeps trying different ways of fitting the pieces together. When she succeeds, she proclaims “I did it!” then she raises her arms above her head and exclaims “Hurray!” I have never seen her bring it to one of the adults in her life to receive approval or applause. In fact, she is quite surprised when we noticed and cheer “Hurray!” With her. The look on her face yesterday when I cheered with her seemed to say, “Gama, what did you do? What are you cheering for?”

Get it? Her own cheers are enough for her. She’s two and it is enough for her. May this be her truth throughout her life.

I have grown out of the need for others’ approval. However, watching her yesterday made me realize I am not nearly enthusiastic enough about all the progress I have made in my life. I seldom hear myself saying “I did it!” And raise my arms above my head to exclaim “Hurray!”? Can’t remember the last time.

My intention this morning is to be faithful to cheer for myself every chance I get. This means paying attention to feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that are now healthy, balanced, loving, compassionate, and fun. All of this can be accomplished without involving others; this is between me and the Divine.

I intend to cheer for myself today. You?


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