Oh That Moon

Once a month I attend a meditation group that is committed to living consciously. As four of us walked out together last night, the moon was bright and full and surrounded by an awesome aura. We all stopped and took that in. I shared about the full moon representing completion and fullness in Native American spirituality. The four of us grew silent for just a moment and let ourselves be fully present with each other and that moon. Sweet.

Those brief moments of being touched by the beauty that surrounds us are truly sweet. When shared with others, a moment can feel eternal and enhance the bonds that we share.

If you are not in a meditation group and would like to be, I am inviting you to start one. There are countless resources available online, for rental from libraries, etc. so you do not have to be a teacher or leader. You can bring a meditation teacher to yourself and others. You can build a small community of loving, supportive people who meet once a month to share a simple meditation experience. Some groups rotate homes so that no one person is totally responsible for the group.

You can use the moon! New moon represents new beginnings so that would make a fun theme and time of month to meet. Full moon is always inviting as well. Think about it. Why not try it? I’ll help if you need guidance and encouragement.

Aum shanti.


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