My Highest Good

Many years ago when I was a bible teacher, I began to understand the concept of the Divine always seeking my highest good. When I prayed for something to come into my life and it never manifested, I knew deep within that the Divine seeks my highest good over all my human wants and desires. Then I began to desire only my highest good and the highest good of all. No longer did I assume I knew my own highest good and, that being true, I certainly did not know the highest good for anyone else.

The way I prayed changed. The way I heard what others shared with me changed. The way I felt in my personal times of silence and stillness changed. My most powerful mantra became “Show me.” The power of asking and learning to receive from Divine Love only what was best for me changed my life. It doesn’t mean I am never frustrated or disappointed; these are very human emotions and experiences. It did mean that I moved through these feelings more quickly and trusted my own journey and the Divine within.

May my mind and heart be open to my own highest good and the highest good of all. May all things unfold for my highest good and the highest good of all. May I embrace my own highest good and support the highest good of others, whether I understand it or not.

May your mind and heart be open to your own highest good and the highest good of all. Aum shanti Aum.


2 thoughts on “My Highest Good

  1. Thank You. I needed this guidance right now as I wasn’t sure what to pray for. So many opportunities and I want to make sure I choose for ‘my highest good”.


  2. You are so welcome, Adina. In the process, please remember that there are times when arriving at your highest good requires more than one choice. For example, you choose something and discover it doesn’t really fit, almost like buying shoes in your size without trying them on. Then you wear them and they don’t fit correctly so you return them and try again. In the same way, a life choice may be the first step to your highest good. It isn’t quite what you expected and it presents you with another opportunity to choose. This next choice is a much better fit and you might not have recognized that if you didn’t have something to compare with it. Does this make sense? Love all ways, Catherine.


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