Our Best Intentions

There are times when, in spite of our best intentions, life gets in the way. I hold an intention of creating blog entries at least three times a week (and preferably five times a week). Life has been getting in my way and the reasons are wonderful, for the most part. It has also brought me a bit of frustration because my intention is…well, I already told you that.

I deal with it the way I deal with everything. I take walks and do a little yoga. I meditate every day and I stay in the moment even when it is so not what I was expecting.

An apartment on private property came to me through new friends so I moved for the second time in a year. My granddaughter is now two so she can tell her parents she wants to play with Gama, which is my delight of course! It is another half day not thinking about writing as well as not writing. A precious new friend has a health crisis and I am giving her reiki every day. This is such a beautiful opportunity to serve and I am humbled and blessed in the process. My moments are filled with blessings. And the days and weeks flow by and I am not at the keyboard.

However, my heart remains true and I hold the intention and this morning – hurray! – here I am. Each day I remember that my highest intention is to live consciously, to be in the moment, and to live each moment with love and compassion for myself and others.

For those of you who faithfully read my words, thank you for your patience. I trust the entries will come into a flow that fulfills my intention and blesses you in the process.

May this day unfold in ease and may we all be present, loving, and compassionate.


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