I love black and white photography because the shadows reveal the edges; the contrast of black and white brings emphasis to the lines, the details of the subject matter.

Today’s daily quote from Abraham-Hicks Publications caused me to respond with “YES!!” Here is the quote:

The expansion of the Universe and the evolution of all species is dependent on contrast. How could you ever decide what you do want, without living some of what you don’t want? And so, be easy on yourself! Do not try to hold yourself to the impossible standard of only being in a place where everything is exactly as you want it to be. If you could do that you would cease to exist.

Have I not very recently written about these internal standards that undermine us? This is so timely. Synchronicity always causes me to stop for a moment and pay attention. May it do the same for you, dear hearts.

May this moment be okay…even if it isn’t exactly what I want! May it reveal the edges of what I do want so I can more easily move in that direction. May I be grateful for all that is in my life right now: for those things and people that are exactly what I want and for those things and people that are not.

Love and peace all ways….all ways, dear hearts.


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