A Life Purpose

Does everyone have “A life purpose”? It sounds imposing and even overwhelming to me at times. Books have been written about the importance of discovering your life purpose, the reason you are here. It sounds big, doesn’t it?


It must be something very important that will be of service to mankind, right? It must be something others will recognize and respect, right? Well, what if you don’t discover something so wonderful and so highly recognizable by others? What if you don’t?

Isn’t it enough that I am a spiritual being who is currently having a human experience? Isn’t it enough to evolve into a spiritual human being? Isn’t it enough to know mySelf, my True Self, and to live from that knowing in the moments of my life?

Isn’t it enough to embrace the Divine within and let that manifest in and through my humanity? What does that look like? For me, I see this in my life when I take notice of a cashier’s name tag and call the person by name. I see and feel it when I leave a grocery store laughing because the bagger and I shared a moment that tickled our funny bones. I feel it powerfully when someone I recently met in my meditation group has a birthday and I look into her eyes and say “I am very glad you were born into this lifetime with me.” It is powerful because I feel and mean it and I let that truth come out of my mouth. This person’s very existence is a gift to my world – does she need a more powerful purpose than that? Do any of us?

When I come to understand that my existence, like my friend’s, is a gift and I embrace that truth as enough, everything I say, do, experience in each moment becomes my purpose. Some are blessed with a passion that becomes something way bigger than themselves, like great teachers, artists, or world leaders. Others are blessed with the ability to be a manifestation of Divine Love in the simplest of ways that others may barely notice. Who is to say that one has more impact than another?

Today, I am inviting you to be aware of yourself as a gift. I am glad you were born into this lifetime so that I could know you and feel your presence as I type this and know that my face just smiled. Your existence in my world is a gift no less powerful than the existence of my teachers and their teachers. No one else can be you and I am blessed by your presence.

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