Belief Systems

Holding a belief system that unites your family, builds community, manifests compassion, grounds you and brings you a sense of True Self and Divine Love is a powerful practice.

As we evolve as spiritual beings, there is no need to change or release  your beliefs unless those beliefs prevent your personal growth and spiritual evolution. You are the only one that can truly evaluate that and make a decision that is for your highest good. It takes great courage to look at what you believe and how it supports or undermines your quality of life, happiness, and sense of True Self. Perhaps if you allow yourself to do so, you will discover that expanding within your beliefs – or expanding what you believe – will enhance your life in ways you never thought possible.

You are Divinely, eternally loved, dear hearts. Divine Love desires your highest good above all else. Divine Love desires your awareness, your oneness, your mindful presence. How you live and manifest that is your choice, your journey, and hopefully your joy.

Love is the motivating force of the Universes, of All That Is.

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