I just read a quote on the Chopra Center Home Page:

When you make a choice, you change the future. (Deepak Chopra)

My initial response was, to my surprise, that I do not agree with that statement. It implies to me that my future is set, pre-determined, and I do not believe that. I was surprised because I have never disagreed with anything I have heard or read from Deepak Chopra. I haven’t always understood but I have never disagreed. Needless to say, I had to do some thinking about this statement. What does it mean? What is my truth? Do I really not believe it or would I simply articulate it differently? I thought my future was a field of infinite possibilities ( Dr. Chopra’s term)?

As I sat with all of this, numerous scenarios came to mind that helped me to come into clarity. As I type this, I find that I agree with what he said in certain situations and that I would say it differently in others. For example, numerous women have shared with me over the years that they are unhappy in their marriages. Each has said almost the same thing to me, the same reason that she stays in a relationship that is wearing her down, often creating extreme health issues, and undermining her own spiritual growth and sense of True Self. She tells me that she loves him and she knows “God put them together so that she could help her husband get or stay clean and sober, find God or enlightenment, etc.” She is willing to be sad, lonely, unhappy, ill, and perhaps die in the process. Sounds extreme, doesn’t it? It is extreme and she doesn’t realize she has put herself in the position of being responsible for someone else’s spiritual journey. In this scenario, I completely agree with the above quote. If she makes a choice to leave the relationship, she will definitely change the future she is currently creating. Now she has opened the door for that field of infinite possibilities for herself and, most likely, for her husband because now he will be responsible for what he is creating and he can choose to change his choices or not.

How would I say what Deepak Chopra is talking about? I would say this:

When you make a choice, you are creating your future.

Please notice that I was specific about the consequences experienced by the woman. Her health and her own spiritual journey was being seriously compromised. I have known women who stayed in similar relationships and who continued to mature spiritually and be healthy and happy in the process. They were making choices every day that supported their own highest good. Some of their husbands or lovers began making healthier, wiser choices for themselves; some did not.

When you make a choice, you are creating your future. It can either be more of the same (for better or for worse depending on the present) or it can look very different from what you are currently “seeing.” Do you get it? You can either keep creating what you are creating or, if your present isn’t what you want,  you can begin to shift your creation….hopefully toward your own highest good and the highest good of all.

For some of you, this is a lot to take in and grasp. Be gentle, loving and compassionate with yourself and others. Let your truth unfold within you, turn within to Divine Love and Wisdom, seek guidance, and trust your Higher Self to lead you into your highest good.

Peace and Love All Ways.


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