It’s A Masquerade!

I came across a quote this morning by David Simon and it brought a huge smile to my face as I thought “Of course! I never thought of it this way before. Love it!” So I must share his thought with you:

…remember your true nature as a divine being masquerading as a human.

If this is all one huge masquerade party, shouldn’t we be having more fun?! Why make everything so serious?

So, if I have put on a costume, a disguise, what am I choosing to look like and am I playing my role to the fullest? Am I enjoying the party? If not, can I change costumes? Can I choose a different character and mask? What?! Why am I wearing something that is weighing me down instead of something that is allowing me to shine?

Can I actually shift in the middle of unnecessary frustration and begin to laugh at the silliness of the situation instead of stomping around and gritting my teeth? Are you serious right now?! And if shifting isn’t happening, can I let it be okay to stomp my feet and let that energy go…and then have a good laugh?

When I wake up in the morning and remember this is a masquerade, can I take a few moments and think about how I want to look and feel at today’s party? What would happen if I rehearsed that conversation I need to have with a family member or friend? And what if, in that rehearsal, I saw us both being our best and highest selves? What if I rehearsed coming from a place of love and compassion for myself and others? Would the day unfold in a way that leaves me getting into bed at night with a deep sense of peace and gratitude?

A divine being masquerading as a human has the wisdom, clarity, and strength to manifest itSelf while in human form….to manifest ITSELF, it’s DIVINE self clearly, lovingly, and with a sense of humor because, after all, this is a masquerade party!



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