Becoming or Remembering?

Saying that you must or are “becoming” something (more spiritual, peaceful, healthy, etc.) puts you in a place of self-judgement. It says you are inadequate, not enough, whatever. These ideas and self-talk, tend to focus on outward behavior and, very often, on the opinion of others and standards put on you by others. Under it all, you are telling yourself “When I am better than I am now, I will love myself.” No you won’t because you will always be able to find something about yourself that doesn’t meet this standard you are holding. As humans we tend to get things backwards. Think about these beliefs:

You are born in sin and must follow these rules in order to gain favor with God.

When you break these rules, you are guilty in God’s eyes and must repent.

You are human and you must work very hard to overcome the desires of the flesh in order to be spiritual and please God.

When you embrace and internalize these beliefs, you open yourself up to your own judgement and condemnation every day. You are also open to the opinion of others and they will judge you as well. How much more loving and compassionate (the very nature of the Divine) would it be to know that you exist because of the Divine spark within you, because you are a spiritual being who is currently having a human experience? How would you define your purpose in being here if you knew True Self and had the desire to manifest the Divine while in human form?

As I see it, the point is to accept your own Oneness with All That Is (Divine Love) and begin to think, feel, and live in alignment with that Oneness. We live what we believe about ourselves whether we are conscious of that or not. We live because the very essence of our being is light and love. The Divine, God, Source, Great Spirit, Jehovah, Allah, all the names in all the languages IS Love and Light. What do you truly believe about the essence of your being, about your soul? What do you truly know to be true? Are you not at the knowing stage today? That’s okay, are you believing or beginning to believe that you are alive because the Divine dwells in you? Then, let yourself live from belief until belief becomes a true knowing…until you know that you know.

It is in the remembering our own Oneness with Source that we know True Self. It is in our Oneness of True Self that we manifest Divine Love while in human form. It is in knowing ourSelves that we find peace.

You are eternally and unconditionally loved for you exist in the Light of Oneness.

You are Love and Light in form.

Peace Be With You.



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