Please plan regular opportunities to hang out with people you can laugh easily with, especially if the laughter is natural, loving and free of sarcasm (the root of this word means “the tearing of flesh”).

There is nothing better for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It truly is the best medicine because it triggers your body’s restorative, healing mechanisms.

Are you not a “natural” laugher? Do you find it uncomfortable to laugh out loud? You can begin with forced laughter when you are alone. It is what we create in laughing meditation. We just start laughing even if it feels and sounds unnatural and silly. Before long we are laughing at how silly it is and we find ourselves belly laughing at ourselves with everyone in the room. It is a hoot!

This morning I am inviting you to give conscious thought to how often you laugh alone or with friends. If you have to think very hard about it, it isn’t happening often enough! Now, think about who, amongst your friends and acquaintances, laughs easily and elicits laughter from others? Please contact that person and make a plan to meet for something fun. You won’t regret the effort and it just might become a habit.

Laugh and Love Today!


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