Love Manifested

God, Divine Love, looked in upon Itself and this resulted in the bursting forth of Itself, creating universes – ours and those we have yet to discover or understand.

Love is the motivating force of the universe.

All That Is, seen and unseen, is Love Manifested.

I am Love in form. You are Love in form.

Yesterday I sat with two wee girls snuggled up to me. Hannah is just over 2 years old and my granddaughter. Charley is just 6 months old and my grandniece. We sat by ourselves as other family members were visiting in the kitchen. These two wee girls rested with me, silent. Then they began to smile at one another. Little hands reached out to softly touch a face. More smiles and then those little hands found each other and, for just a moment, were clasped together. Love manifested.

I felt privileged, honored to witness the beginning of these little beings beginning to know they love each other already. Brought together because Hannah’s father and Charley’s mother are cousins. As the day unfolded, their parents talked about picnics and trips to the beach. They told the girls stories of how Hannah would teach Charley to play in the sand box and how, when they are big enough, they will have sleep-overs. We all basked in the love we share for one another and these wee girls.

Oh yes, dear hearts, we are all Love in form, Love manifested.



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